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Thank you for considering Unlimited Solar Inc. for your solar power needs. We take pride in offering alternative energy resources to residential and business customers. We’ve been operating our family business in Glendale, CA since 2009, but our customers come from many different locations. National and international interest in solar energy has reached an all-time high during the last several years. Unlimited Solar Inc. is a trusted source and one of the leading online retailers for solar panels and accessories. At Unlimited Solar Inc., we are dedicated to offering our customers high-quality products at affordable prices. As you can see, we carry the most popular brands in the solar energy industry, and our products are priced to sell. Everything you need to begin creating your own energy, helping the environment and saving money on your electric bills can be found right here. Take a look at our solar panels and accessories. We’re here to help if you have any questions.

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The Unlimited Solar family of USP Series PV modules offers models ranging in size from 5W to 140W. These A-Grade panels are built using only the highest quality components to ensure the best possible performance, & are designed for use in a wide variety of off-grid & grid-tie applications.All modules have a power tolerance +10/-5% & are backed by our 25 year power warranty.The high performance cells are encapsulated in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) & placed between high transparent low iron tempered glass & a durable TPT (tedlar-polyester-tedlar) back sheet. The panels are framed using heavy-duty anodized aluminum frames, providing exceptional panel rigidity.All modules are produced in ISO9001:2000 certified factories & are subject to our stringent triple-level quality control & testing procedures before they leave the factory floor; …ensuring a high quality & consistent end product. Each panel has a serial number for tracking purposes.

20 Watt 12V Solar Panel 30 Watt 12V Solar Panel 40 Watt 12V Solar Panel 60 Watt 12V Solar Panel 80 Watt 12V Solar Panel 110 Watt 12V Solar Panel 120 Watt 12V Solar Panel 140 Watt 12V Solar Panel
Price: $39.99 Price: $55.99 Price: $73.99 Price: $105.99 Price: $125.99 Price: $149.99 Price: $156.99 Price: $175.99

The U-MO Series mounting kits have been specifically developed for use with the Unlimited Solar USP Series Panels, these mounts are universal in design & can easily be adapted to work with most other solar panel brands.All Unlimited Solar flat surface & pole mount kits are made using rust free Aluminum & come complete with all required stainless steel hardware. Our RV and Marine Mounts are specifically designed using stainless steel components to handle the rigorous challenges of the marine applications.

Flat Roof Mount Side of Pole Mount L-Style Pole Mount Single Arm Pole Mount Double Arm Pole Mount Double Arm Pole Mount Tilt Mount ABS Drill Free Mount
Price: $10.99 Price: $8.99 Price: $18.99 Price: $21.99 Price: $43.99 Price: $62.99 Price: $36.99 Price: $17.99

Type Photovoltaic copper conductors are suitable for outdoor rooftop applications without conduit and for use in conduits and raceways installed underground in conduit in wet locations, and where condensation and moisture accumulations within the conduit do not exceed 90ºC. Applications requiring direct burial is permitted for Type Photovoltaic per UL-854. Applications requiring type Photovoltaic conductor, temperatures shall not exceed 90ºC in wet or dry locations.

50'-8AWG-MC4 PV Cable MC4 Style 3 Stage Set 50'-10AWG-MC4 PV Cable MC4 Style Parallel Set 50'-12AWG-MC4 PV Cable MC4 Style Connectors 50'-14AWG-MC4 PV Cable MC4 Style Parallel Set
Price: $33.69 Price: $11.89 Price: $19.99 Price: $7.39 Price: $17.39 Price: $1.99 Price: $11.99 Price: $7.99