Unlimited Solar 100 Watt SunnyFlex Flexible Solar Panel

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Unlimited Solar 100 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

Model Number: UFLX-100


Should your application require remote power generation, look no further. The Unlimited Solar UFLX line provides safe, silent, renewable power to ensure your electricity needs are met and shifts the paradigm in solar power generation. While standard glass modules are heavy and require substantial support systems, UFLX modules are lightweight, flexible and conform easily to mounting surfaces. While glass breaks, UFLX is unbreakable since they’re made with rugged polymeric materials - additional insurance when you need a constant and secure power source.

Dimensions: 81.4" x 19.4" x <0.12" in 

PowerFLEX®+ systems produce up to 4.5% higher energy yield than polycrystalline silicon systems, especially in hot, overcast or low light environments, and at higher latitudes. 

Our PowerFLEX®+ CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide) Building Applied Photovoltaic (BAPV)  systems can make your installation quicker, easier, aesthetically superior, and less cost for your commercial and industrial rooftops.

4.5% Higher Annual Energy Yield (kWh/kWp) 

. Superior high temperature performance vs. p-Si (up to 3%)
· Performs better than p-Si in low and di use light conditions (up to 1%) · Performs better than p-Si at low incidence angles (up to 0.5%)
· Superior Shade Tolerance
· 90% more e cient than exible a-Si 


· 3.0 kg/m2 (0.68 lb/ft2) including adhesive
· 110 watts/m2
· 26% of the weight per roof area compared to p-Si 

Rugged and Non-Breakable

· No damage from earthquakes, hail, golf balls, hurricanes, etc... · Avoids theft and avoids vandalism
· Low pro le - No added wind lift 

Versatile Integration

· Fits any roof type
· Flexible and Conforming
· Can be applied to diameters as small as 50cm(20”) · Simple peel and stick application

· Lays at. No racking or ballast required
· No added wind load nor wind lift
· Aesthetically pleasing
· Minimized module spacing maximizes roof 
coverage and power

Lower Maintenance Cost

· Requires less surface cleaning
· Soiling resistant surface
· Higher annual energy production 





Capacity rating  100W ( Pmax )
Tolerance of Pmax +5 / -0
Module aperture area efficiency 13.0%           
Rated voltage 32.0V ( Vmpp )            
Rated current 3.2A  ( Impp )
Open circuit voltage 41.4V ( Voc )           
Short circuit current 3.7A ( Isc )


Dimensions 81.4'' x 19.4" x < 0.12"
Weight 5.49 lb
Solar Cells 64 CIGS cells ( 211.5 mm x 58 mm )
Rated Voltage 32.0 V   Open Circuit Voltage    41.4 V
Rated Current  3.2 A   Short Circuit Current   3.7 A
Temperature Range -40°C to + 85°C


No roof penetrations

Virtually unbreakable

Easy peel and stick mounting

Flexible to fit curved surfaces

Lightweight and aerodynamic

Conforms to the shape of your roof

No glass or metal frame, durable, hail-resistant

Can be walked on 

No screws through your roof

Less wear and tear on your roof

Certification and Warranty

EN 61646, EN 61730, UL 1703

Materials and workmanship - 5 years

Power output - 25 years (90% @ 10 yrs; 80% @ 25 yrs) Limited Warranty


25 year power warranty

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    So far so good

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Mar 2018

    I just installed these on the roof on my new motorhome. Power generation is good and installation is very straightforward. Be careful not to bend these panels beyond how they were shipped. I almost went with a 5 star rating but want to see how these hold up. They are of good quality but the best part is Alex who supports you very well with your order.