Unlimited Solar SunEli MPPT RV Solar Systems

Unlimited Solar SUNELI RV MPPT Solar Charging System is our Premium RV solar system that comes with MPPT charge controller to charge your battery faster. SUNELI RV MPPT Solar Charging System is ideal for full-time travel or backup power of lights, fans, radio, charging your laptop or just maintaining your batteries while your vehicle is stored outdoors. For more information please check our “RV appliance wattage requirements “ page. Solar kit includes high efficiency solar panel, quality solar charge controller, mounting hardware, wiring kit and accessory pack.

Product Family

STMPPT-150W ( 150 Watt MPPT Charging System )

STMPPT-300W ( 300 Watt MPPT Charging System )

STMPPT-450W ( 450 Watt MPPT Charging System )

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