Unlimited Solar SunnyFlex MPPT RV Solar Systems

Unlimited Solar SUNNYFLEX RV Solar Charging Systems is our most complete RV solar systems that comes with everything you need to just start charging your battery. SUNNYFLEX RV Solar Charging System is ideal for full-time travel or backup power of lights, fans, radio, charging your laptop or just maintaining your batteries while your vehicle is stored outdoors. For more information please check our “RV appliance wattage requirements “ page. Solar kit includes high efficiency solar panel, quality solar charge controller, mounting hardware, wiring kit and accessory pack.

We offer a simple way to add solar panels to RV's, long-haul trailers, trucks, campers, recreational vehicles, and boats. Unlimited Solar offers 100W, 200W, 300W and 400 Watt SunnyFlex flexible solar panel MPPT Charging Systems.Enjoy the freedom to run lights, refrigerators, fans, and electronics wherever your travels take you, on or off grid. Shade tolerant, lightweight and flexible UFLX modules are superior in every way to the traditional heavy glass framed rigid crystalline modules for your RV or boat. All kits come with a detailed instruction manual and all accessories needed for installation, including charge controller, wires, connectors, for a complete system solution.


Product Family

UFLX100RV-PR ( 100 Watt MPPT Flexible Solar Panel Charging System ) 

UFLX200RV-PR ( 200 Watt MPPT Flexible Solar Panel Charging System )

UFLX300RV-PR ( 300 Watt MPPT Flexible Solar Panel Charging System )

UFLX400RV-PR ( 400 Watt MPPT Flexible Solar Panel Charging System )

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